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My first blog!!!

Ok everyone!!! I have zero experience with blogging... but I am giving this a shot! I have heard its popular, fun, and "hip" (insert old person joke here). So here we are... blogging! I would like to start by introducing myself, my vision, and my goals.

My name is Kecia Bell, I live in a cute little town in western Colorado with my husband, son, dog, and 2 cats. I own KB Custom Baskets and LOVE what I do!!! This business has given me the opportunity to stay home with my son, supplement our income, and make people smile daily! If you know me, you know I thrive on making people happy! I love my life more and more everyday and am excited to create more blogs and get to know everyone that reads them! I hope to continue to make people smile, whether with my blog or products. I hope I started this blogging adventure correctly, and if not i guess oh well we can chalk it up as me making people laugh at not knowing what the heck i am doing, which still means everyone wins!

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